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Revenue Potential

The revenue potential for affiliates offers an opportunity to substantiall increase your existing sportsbook affiliate commissions. Our sports investing member packages, offers a natural cross-sell product to any existing visitor to your affiliate site. When you already have new or returning traffic who bet on sports at any of the sportsbooks you promote, our sports picks and tips member packages are a fit to all your visitor regardless where they wager.

The revenue potential from our affiliate program offers two ways to earn commissions.

Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)The visitors you refer who sign up and purchase one of our monthly recurrng memberships to our sports investing services, you can earn a dedicate CPA between $50 to $75. With the amount of time we spend on conversion optmization and lead nurturing, and the high conversion rates we receive, a CPA commission appeals to affiliates seeking immediate returns.

For example, if you refer 100 visitors in a month, 60% sign up and 50% convert, you earn from the 30 who purchased. That's an addition $1,500 a month + the earnings you receive from this traffic you refer to the sportsbooks.


Revenue ShareFor affiliates who prefer the revenue share model, we offer a 30% to 50% revenue share program where affiliates earn commissions on a 'recurring' monthly basis for the lifetime of the member. 

The visitors you refer who sign up and purchase a sports investing membership package (ranges from $99 to $149 a month) will earn 30% to 50% of the net revenue for the lifetime of the member. Where members activity averages full sporting seasons and even annual member packages, our affiliates will earn commissions for the term members stay active with us.

How it Works

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Watch the video: Inspired by Harvard and MIT research, and an active practice of Fortune 500 companies as Google, the behavioral economics of ‘collective-intelligence’ is used in our sports prediction model to produces the greatest confidence in sport predictions today.

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