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All affiliates receive online access to their affiliate account where they receive full access to their sign up data, conversions and commissions. We stand behind full transparency with our affiliates. We have great relationships with affiliates as they are the backbone to the success of our business. We encourage any sportsbook or sports media site, to try us today to see for yourself. 

Sales & Members When you log into your affilaite account, you'll find in the reporting area of your account a the sales and members you drive to You'll get full transparency of your referrals including your sales names, campaign ID (if you run a specific campaign, this will help you see which campaigns are most effective for your sales), product purchased, and any coupon discounts, trials offered and more. 


Leads & Sign ups See the leads and sign ups you refer. This allows you to easily see how much traffic you refer to us (from your web metrics) and compare with the conversions who sign up. Keep in mind we also  employ an optimized lead nurture program to enhance your sign up conversions. 

The visitor sign ups you refer you'll see in your reporting their names and any trial offers you promoted, For example, if you offered no trial code vs. a 7 day trial, you'll easily see which trial promotions worked best to convert your referrals.


Revenue & Commissions Your revenue report will show you exactly which member package your referrals have purcahased. Do they purchase the monthly Americas package for NFL, NBA and MLB picks, or do they prefer our Europa or World member package. 

Your revenue report allow you to filter your commissions by campaign, sport and time frame. For example, if you ran a specific NFL campaign, you'll see in real-time the commissions your earned for the campaign, vs. any other campaign you promote throughout the year - NBA, College, Soccer, Horses and more.

How it Works

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Watch the video: Inspired by Harvard and MIT research, and an active practice of Fortune 500 companies as Google, the behavioral economics of ‘collective-intelligence’ is used in our sports prediction model to produces the greatest confidence in sport predictions today.

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