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Our affiliate program offers sports affiliates access to greater revenue streams that can potentially double their existing sports book affiliate programs.

Complimentary Products Sports affiliates already earn CPA or revenue share with their favorite sports books for every player referred who signs up, deposits and plays.

And now, cross-selling sports tips subscription services can maximize the revenue earned from the same referred player, month after month.
Lost Commissions The average sports bettor / punter plays at three different sports books at a given time, while the average sports affiliate earns commissions from the same player at only one of those sports books.

The result, lost commissions.

Regardless of where your referred players plays, our sports tips subscription services are used by players at any sports books.

Our affiliate program helps sports affiliates maximize revenues by:



  • Potentially double existing sports book commissions through complimentary sports tips subscription services.
  • Redeem lost commissions from players who play at different sports books the affiliate is not earning commissions from. 
Products Our sports tips products offer a variety of global sports coverage to help affiliates smooth the sports seasonality issue. We offer a global selection of the most popular sports tip coverage year-round; NFL, NBA, College, MLB, European and International Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, MMA and more.

Sports affiliates maximize commissions by:


  1. Pay-Per-Game Sports Tips 
    • Earn commissions on every individual sports tip purchased; any sport, any game or any event. 
  2. Recurring Member Subscriptions
    • Our sports tip services are strategically priced to attract sports bettors to subscribe to our monthly, or annual, sports tips subscription services. Did we mention this is a recurring billing subscription that affiliates earn recurring commissions, month after month on the same player?

We offer a proven track record of high conversion rates and excellent retention, allowing for significant earnings and high monthly commissions.

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Watch the video: Inspired by Harvard and MIT research, and an active practice of Fortune 500 companies as Google, the behavioral economics of ‘collective-intelligence’ is used in our sports prediction model to produces the greatest confidence in sport predictions today.

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